Eyeglass Frame Styling

Choosing the perfect frame can be much harder than you think. There are hundreds of frames at each of our locations and several different brands and shapes to choose from and it can be overwhelming. Working directly with one of our professionals is the easiest place to start. They have the knowledge and experience to choose frames that enhance your best features, fit comfortably, and work with your personal eyeglass prescription. There is so much to think about…what frames will look good on me, what is my personal style, what color compliments my skin tone or even will my lenses look and work good in this frame. We can help you navigate through all those questions so you end up loving your new frame without question!

Throughout the year we visit with our frame vendors and purchase the latest styles and brands so you always have the most current and trendy selection available to you.

7 Eye (Motorcycle Eyewear) Flexon Hyper Marc Jacobs Polaroid
Banana Republic Fossil Maui Jim Polo Ralph Lauren
BeBe (click to view) Gucci Michael Ryen Michael Ryen
Bobbi Brown Hugo Boss MODO Scott Harris
Carrera Jimmy Choo (click to view) Nano Vista Scott Harris Vintage
Chesterfield John Vavatos Nautica Silhouette
Ck Juicy Couture Nickelodeon Taylor Madison
Claiborne for Men Julbo Nike Tommy Hilfiger
Converse Kate Spade Nine West (click to view) XGames
DB4K Liz Claiborne (click to view) Oakley Zero G Titanium Eyewear
Dior Lucky Brand Paul Frank

Don’t forget the sunwear! Most of our designer brands have a display of prescription ready sunglass frames. For the sports enthusiast, golfer, hunter, biker, etc. we have options for you as well in our frame and lens offerings. Come on in and talk to our professionals today.