Crizal® No Glare Lenses

Crizal® Lenses are a specialized type of no glare, anti-reflective eyeglass lenses that offer the most complete protection against the invisible and often irreversible dangers of UV light along with the outstanding clarity of vision achieved through combating the 5 enemies of clear vision: glare, scratches, smudges, dust, and water!

The advantages of Crizal® Anti-Reflective No-Glare Lenses include:

Better, safer, more comfortable nighttime driving because they reduce glare from headlights, tail lights and street lights.

Better appearance because they stay clean, clear, and glare-free, so they look virtually invisible to those around you. People can see your eyes, instead of just your glasses.

Better comfort with fewer headaches and less eye fatigue, which are caused by reflections off of computer screens and overhead lighting.

Better daily UV protection with E-SPF 25 to protect your eyes 25 times more from the damaging rays of the sun.

Depending on your particular lifestyle, activities, and needs Crizal® Anti-Reflective No-Glare Lenses are available and can be prescribed in a number of different types including Crizal® Prevencia™, Crizal Sapphire UV™, Crizal Avancé UV™, Crizal Alizé UV™, Crizal Easy UV™ and even Crizal Kids UV™.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about Crizal® No-Glare Lenses, please visit D’Ambrosio Optical Center or if you would like, please call us at 800-325-3937 to schedule an appointment.

Crizal® is a trademark of Essilor International and/or its subsidiaries.