D'Ambrosio Optical Center

Choosing eyeglass lenses can be very confusing. Progressive lenses instead of bifocals, Transitions® color changing lenses, Crizal® No Glare lenses-how do you know what’s right for you? Your eyeglass frame may show off your sense of style or fit comfortably but the most important part of your new pair of eyewear is your lenses. Your eyewear prescription is as unique as you are and there are hundreds of different lens options out there for you. We will make the process of choosing your lenses as easy as possible. Especially for a new wearer, it can be tricky spending money on something you cannot see until you pick them up and we understand that. Our staff is constantly being trained and introduced to the latest technology, including digital high definition eyeglass lenses and technology. They have the experience needed to recommend quality product for every prescription, lifestyle need, and budget. Our doctors work closely with our opticians in order to select the right lenses to enhance, improve and protect your sight! Ever wonder why some eyeglasses are so cheap and others more costly? Ask us the difference, we are here to help.