D'Ambrosio Optical Center

Choosing the perfect eyeglass frame can be more challenging than you think! At D’Ambrosio Optical Center we have hundreds of frames from many brands and designers with lots of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to find THE ONE! That’s why working directly with one of our licensed Opticians and other optical professionals is the easiest place to start. They have the knowledge and experience to choose frames that enhance your best features, fit comfortably and work with your personal eyeglass prescription. There is so much to think about…what frames will look good on me, what is my personal style, what color compliments my skin tone, or even will my lenses look and work well in this frame. We can help you navigate through all those questions so you end up loving your new frame without question!

Don’t forget the sunwear! Most of our designer brands have a display of prescription ready sunglass frames. For the sports enthusiast, golfer, hunter, biker, etc. we have options for you as well in our frame and lens offerings. Come on in and talk to our professionals today.