D'Ambrosio Optical Center

About Children’s Eyewear

Selecting and fitting children’s eyeglasses and eyewear is an important part of what we do at D’Ambrosio Optical Center. For children to want to wear their glasses, they have to be part of the fitting process. Taking care to properly fit kids frames makes them more comfortable and more effective at correcting visual needs. Kids are more likely to wear their glasses if they like them and feel good in them. Kids’ frames and lenses need to be carefully selected and fit so that they are durable, comfortable and fashionable and permit good functioning-especially while learning!

Special Needs Solutions

We offer a collection of frames that are designed to fit children with Down Syndrome. There are many children that are unable to find frames that fit properly and these frames are made with that in mind.  Our frame line, Specs 4 US is offered at our Lancaster location.

Our Parents Painless Growth Program

Throughout your child’s life they are growing and their vision is growing and changing, much like the size of their clothes or shoes. For many children, their prescription can change more than once each year until their eyes are fully developed. In cases like this, D’Ambrosio Optical Center realizes that purchasing a new pair of lenses with each change could become costly to parents and so we offer your child free lens changes for these premature changes that happen earlier than routing eye exams (up to age 18). All you need to do is be sure that any of our doctors continue to care for your child’s eyes.